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Uttara Gograhana

Pandavas had to spend one year of Agnatavaasa i.e. living in disguise as per the conditions of exile, as commanded by their enemies, the Kauravas. They choose to spend that period in the kingdom of Matsya ruled by King Virata. The Pandavas lived in the palace donning different attires. Arjuna puts on a disguise of Bruhannale, an enuch and takes up the role of a Dance Guru of Princess Uttare, Virata’s daughter. Similarly, the rest of the Pandavas engage themselves in various departments of the palace. The main highlight of the Ballet is Virata’s son, Prince Uttara Kumara and his amusing characteristics. He loves to be surrounded by women, boast about himself and his various great-fake achievements and receive the praise and love showered by those girls. This comedy riot of girls believing in his tales takes a turn when the Kauravas declare war against the kingdom of Matsya. As the entire army with King Virata were in battle elsewhere at that time, the girls persuade Uttara Kumara to show them his might by leading this war from the front. Uttara Kumara reluctantly agrees and Bruhannale (Arjuna) takes up the role of his charioteer. Looking at the huge army of the Kauravasa, Uttara Kumara is terrorised. All his warrior experiences had exhausted in front of the girls, and now he was very afraid to face an entire army and fight in an actual war. Arjuna then reveals his true identity to him and fights on behalf of Uttara, thus inspiring the prince to be more courageous. Arjuna returns victorious and Uttara Kumara, transformed into a stronger person, gets all the admiration and praise from the girls!

Duration: 65 minutes

Language Versions: Kannada and Telugu

Based on Mahabharatha’s Virata Parva

Lyrics: Goturi

Music: Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma

Dance Choreography: Hema Prabhat

Direction: T V Gopinathdas

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