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Shree Krishna Vyjayanthi

“Shri Krishna Vyjayanti” is a tribute to Lord Krishna and his magnificent exploits. The ballet is a collection of some of the most awe-inspiring and endearing events in the life of Lord Krishna. The ballet covers the playful years of Krishna and his friends, their butterstealing spree, the killing of Putani – the breast feeding demon by the infant Lord, the killing of Kaalinga – the serpent demon by the young Lord, the captivating Raas-Leela by Lord Krishna and his Gopikas and other such endearing feats by the Blue-God of Mathura.
The ballet culminates with the famous philosophical dialogue between Arjuna and Krishna about life and beyond through an extract from the world renowned Bhagavad Gita. ‘Krishna Vyjayanti’ is an entrancing celebration of Lord Krishna’s avatar on earth.

Duration : 60 – 90 minutes

Language versions : Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi

Technical Direction: Harish Prabhat

Music : Padmashri Pandit Vijaya Raghava Rao

Dance Choreography : Udupi Shri Laxminarayanacharya & Hema Prabhat

Direction: T G Venkateshachar

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