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“Punyakoti” is an emotional folk tale of parental love with an underlying theme of faith and courage. The characters in the story may have animal forms but the values represented by them are human.

The story begins with the entrapment of a gentle cow called Punyakoti by a ferocious hungry tiger. In spite of impending death, Punyakoti shows exemplary courage by expressing concerns for her young calf’s well being. She pleads with the hungry tiger to grant her a few moments with her calf. She promises to return to the tiger’s den to be the object of his gratification. The hungry tiger, nevertheless, is unwilling to accept her word. But Punyakoti’s evocative speech on the true nature of her promise persuades the tiger to relieve her. After a heartrending reunion Punyakoti feeds her calf but her fateful promise to the tiger forces her to bid a tearful farewell to the young one. However, the young innocent calf is unable to comprehend the profundity of her mother’s promise. But Punyakoti, without succumbing to an upsurge of filial affections, returns to her devourer. Punyakoti’s amazing act of keeping her word, miraculously transforms the faculties of the ruthless tiger. The tiger turns benevolent and Punyakoti earns a new lease of life.

Duration : 10 /15 minutes

Language versions : Kannada

Music : Mysore Ananthaswamy / Praveen D Rao

Direction : T.V.Gopinathdas

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