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Mahishasura Mardhini

“Mahishaasura Mardini” depicts the eternal battle of sexes through a unique story of a tussle between an egotistical male demon and a female manifestation of pure strength. This ancient Hindu story recognizes the power of women in society and their importance in the reservation of a peaceful equilibrium.

Mahishaasura, a demon representing the evil forces in society, undergoes several years of penance to seek the boon of indestructibility. Lord Brahma grants this boon with a condition that Mahishaasura shall not be destroyed by any masculine being. The gullible Mahishaasura becomes intoxicated by the “Arishadvargas”, the six enemies of the mind viz., Kaama (lust), Lobha (greed), Moha (uncontrolled passion), Mada (ego), Matsara (jealousy). He embarks

upon a journey of destruction to capture the entire world. After conquering the rulers on earth, the seemingly indestructible Mahishaasura threatens the rule of Devendra, Lord of Heaven. The indestructible power of Mahishaasura forces Devendra to seek refuge in the Supreme Lord Vishnu. To protect the Universe from Mahishaasura’s maniacal pursuits, the Supreme Lord unleashes ‘Shakti’ (Pure Strength) through the incarnation of  hamundeshwari,

a beautiful Goddess. Mahishaasura gets smitten by the gorgeous Goddess Chamundeshwari and proposes to marry her. Goddess Chamundeshwari, unmindful of Mahishasura’s lustful advances, unleashes her wrath on Mahishaasura and becomes renowned as “Mahishaasura Mardini” (The Destroyer of Mahishaasura).

Duration : 45 minutes

Language versions : Kannada, Hindi  and Tamil

Lyrics: Vijaya Narasimha

Technical Direction: Harish Prabhat

Dance Choreography : Udupi Lakshminarayana & Hema Prabhat

Music : T.G.Lingappa

Direction: T G Venkateshachar

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