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Kindari Jogi

The ballet, based on the famous bedtime story of the Pied Piper of Hamlin has been adapted to Kannada by the renowned Gyanpeeth award winner, Kuvempu. The story has an Indian setting with typical characters from a small Indian village. Kindara Jogi, unlike the Pied Piper, plays a stringed instrument. The age-old tradition of storytelling has also been adapted to provide a unique theatrical experience. “Kindara Jogi” upholds the eternal values of trust and faith and reminds the future generations to protect these ethics for the sake of posterity. The tale of Kindara Jogi is narrated by one of the key characters of the story. A village under the stranglehold of a menacing rodent population seeks a permanent solution. Kindara Jogi arrives on the scene and promises to purge the village from this menace for a fee. The head of the town agrees to this arrangement. But once the deed is done, the head refuses to comply. The terrible wrath of Kindara Jogi is unleashed. He mesmerises the children with a new tune and whisks them away to an undisclosed destination. The townsfolk are left repenting. However, one inconsolable child is unable to join his friends on account of his physical handicap. He becomes the symbol of despair for the town.

Duration : 30 minutes

Language version : Kannada

Music : Mysore Ananthaswamy

Technical Direction: Harish Prabhat

Direction : T V Gopinathdas


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