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Hari Sarvothama

Lord Vishnu, the protector of the Universe is believed to have incarnated on the Earth in 10 different forms known as the Dashavatara in order to destroy the evil and protect the good.

One such avatara of Lord Vishnu is the Narasimha avatara. In this avatara he takes the form of a human’s body with a lion’s face and features, with the purpose of putting an end to the wicked King Hiranyakashyapu.

The ballet begins with King Hiranyakashyapu going to perform penance, leaving behind his wife, who was carrying at that time. He then pleases Lord Brahma, the creator, and is granted with a boon. It was that he could not be killed by a human, an animal, on the ground, in the sky or by any weapons. Next to be depicted is the joy of the parents to have been blessed with a boy, Prahalada. The young prince is then sent to attain knowledge and education and that’s when the son becomes his father’s biggest enemy because he chants the name of Lord Vishnu, King Hiranyakashyapu’s biggest rival. The furious King tries various means like fire, ocean, poison and even throws his son off from a cliff but in vain. Prahalada always chants Lord Vishnu’s name and is ultimately saved by the Lord himself. Finally in the last scene, Hiranyakashyapu stands bold against his son to show him Lord Vishnu so that he can destroy him and take over the universe. That is when Lord Vishnu appears as Narasimha, in the form of half-human and half-lion and kills Hiranyakashyapu with his nails!

Duration: 90 minutes

Language Versions; Kannada

Lyrics: Goturi

Music: Praveen D Rao

Technical Direction: Harish Prabhat

Dance Choreography: Hema Prabhat

Direction: T G Venkateshachar

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