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Dharma Bhoomi

“Dharma Bhoomi” is a symbolic journey into the past providing glimpses of India’s rich cultural heritage and collective wisdom. The play is a fictionalised account of the journey undertaken by the great Greek King Alexander. The mighty Alexander is ready to embark on his mission to conquer the world and bring back the invaluable riches of the East. But the renowned Greek philosopher and Alexander’s mentor, Aristotle exhorts him to realise the greatness of India and advises him to be humble. He seeks six gifts from India. The ballet presents a glimpse of the six gifts through short sequences of dance-drama.

After ruthlessly conquering half the world, the mighty Alexander manages to defeat the great army of King Porus. Despite inflicting a humiliating loss, Alexander is unable to suppress the pride of the great Indian King. His courage under fire leaves an indelible impression on the mind of the Greek conqueror. The great Alexander salutes the wisdom and greatness of India.

Duration : 75 minutes

Language versions : Kannada, English, Telugu and Hindi.

Music : Mysore Ananthaswamy

Dance Choreography: Udupi Lakshminarayan & Hema Prabhat

Technical Direction: Harish Prabhat

Direction : T V Gopinathdas

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