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Prabhath Kalavidaru

Prabhath Kalavidaru, established in 1935, by Vidwan T V Gopinathdas with his brothers’ support, is a creative assemblage of highly talented and well-trained dancers, actors, singers, choreographers and technicians. The Prabhath Team, based in Bangalore has created over 20 ballets on a wide spectrum of subjects viz. Fantasy, History and Mythology. The Team also has the unique distinction of giving thousands of performances to packed audiences all over the world.


The Prabhath Kalavidaru Ensemble includes a selection of ballets and plays on subjects varying from mythology to fantasy. The ballets by Prabhath Kalavidaru are an amalgamation of India’s rich dancing heritage. The plays portray the unmistakable magic of Indian drama. Music for all the Prabhath Kalavidaru creations has been specially composed by renowned stalwarts. The dances have also been personally choreographed by reputed Dance Gurus. Special emphasis has been laid on the research of the subjects to provide an authentic and enriching experience for the audience.

Prabhath Kalavidaru
+91 9448200676